Koh Phangan Chakpra festival 2018

Visited the beautiful tourist attrations of Chak Phra Festival in Koh Phangan Surat Thani  31 October -1 November 2018
Chak Phra Festival – When Buddha return to earth from heaven and was greeted by crowd.Chak Phra annually take place immediately after the end of 3 month rain retreat about October. It is celebrate in many south but in Surat Thani is the biggest. It is Chak Phra Festivals on land and on the Thong Sala pier.Before Chak Phra Day, on the night there are build the screen of Buddha’s story around the city and celebrate its all day all night. On land, the splendidly adorned floats are pulled across the town by the participants. At the same time, on water a float decorated in colorful Thai design of a float made to carry the Buddha image. Chak Phra Festivals then concludes with and exciting boat race and traditional game.