Mae Haad

This beach is one of the most beautiful of Koh Phangan, it is also the most developed reef coral reef around Koh Phangan.

The whole bay of Mae Haad is populated by big formations of hard corals such as Staghorn and Brain Corals, big schools of parrotfish, fusiliers and other reef dwelling fishes. It is a good place to spot stingrays, and blue spotted ones.

Some more rare marine life has been spotted in this bay such as Thorny Sea Star, Large Cobias, Great Barracuda, Banded Sea Krait, Sanctuarine Stonefish, Turtles and even Whale Sharks.

Because of the biodiversity of this reef is also used as a sampling ground for studies on coral growth and decay and aquatic life population..

A short way to Koh Ma it can be explored on the same dive as with the northern part of Mae Haad.

A very popular site for snorkelers as well because of its access and shallow depth.

Common species: Chevron Barracuda, Yellow-Banded Fusiliers, Barred Parrotfish, Blue Spottail Stingray, Saddleback Anemonefish, Black Damsel, Common Seahorse, Redbreast Wrasse, Longbeak Banded Coralfish, Strapweed Filefish, Banded Goatfish

Depth: 0 – 22 meters

Features: Big coral formations, good biodiversity, shallow, no current, sandy areas

Current: None to little