South-West Pinnacle

Completely submerged, this other great dive site is composed of a main pinnacle with the tip being 6 meters under the surface and is surrounded with many huge boulders and other smaller pinnacles scattered around.

As most of this site is below 14 – 16 meters it is better suited for more advanced diver but can accommodate certified beginner divers as well.

Some Bull Shark are spotted sometimes in the vicinity and into the blue around the dive site.

Common species: Chevron Barracuda, Malabar Grouper, Yellowspotted Boxfish, Blue Spotted Stingray, Yellowbanded Fusilier, Pink Anemonefish, Blueringed and Lined Angelfish, Longfin Bannerfish, Big-eyed Trevallies

Depth: 6 – 34 meters

Features: Boulders, Anemone beds, big schools of fishes, sea fans

Current: Little to strong