SSI Dive Guide / Divemaster

Ready to go pro?

You would like to dive even more, dive as a passion, dive as a job, Dive Guide, the first professional SSI level allows you to guide certified divers and assist other SSI professionals with scuba diving activities.

You will learn how to safely lead and assist certified divers as a professional.

A SSI Dive Guide plan and conduct their own dives to serve as a guide to groups of divers, he also take part in the logistics to realize the dives. He will brief, take people to amazing places underwater, serve as a role model, give tips and

When can I start?

You can start the course anytime from any level of diving certification, being flexible and listening to the need of our customers, we can arrange arrange special packages for every person. It takes around 8 weeks to complete the course but can vary according to many factors.  You can get more information or reserve by contacting our staff at the center, by phone or online.


  • SSI Diver Stress & Rescue (other organisations certifications may qualify)
  • 40 logged dives to start
  • 50 logged dives upon completion date
  • React Right or other valid first aid and CPR recognition


  • SSI Dive Guide digital manual

What’s included:

  • Instructor
  • Equipment rental (but it is advised to get a personal set of gear and strongly recommended to own a dive computer)
  • Full tanks rental
  • Food and refreshments on the boat for the trips

What’s next:

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