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For beginner to experience underwater world with our SSI professionals. Diving safely to a maximum depth of 12m.

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You want to try or start scuba diving?
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You can! Start now with Lotus Diving

Lotus Diving have now reached its 20th anniversary. That is many years of experience, trying to improve and provide the best services. It has also been 20 years you trust us, for quality, professionalism and with your safety.

Looking back as we reached this milestone, we feel there was a need for change, for evolution. Technological advancements has made its way in the world with mobiles and tablets. We are now at a time, we need to better use technology to improve our services. This idea is reflected in a new partnership.

Lotus Diving has switched to SSI – Scuba School International for all educational programs, courses and other related diving activities.

This is why your adventure can start now by enrolling in a course with instant access to your material. Reserve your spot on our daily dive trips or join us in our adventures on Facebook.