Because we believe that improvement is a constant need and part of a successful dive operator. Our mission is to provide the best diving experience possible and making it easy and trouble free to access the best dive sites in the gulf of Thailand. The long history of

Missions Diving Koh Phangan
Lotus Dive Resort have provided us with the experience and knowledge in the diving industry. Making it possible for us to refine and evolve our services.

During the last 10 years, every 11th of August (queens birthday) we go for an underwater cleaning, inviting other dive centers and the local community to be part of it. This was the start of a large amount of programs done, including; beach cleanings with the school students, ecosystem classes for them, community classes for accidents preventions and manage, free photographic art-information gallery, the giant clams release and nursing program, and the artificial reef development in Chaloklum bay run in cooperation with Project Aware and governmental environmental department.

Lately from May 2018 we cooperative with DMCR (Department of Marine Coast and Reserch) to make a new project by by the name of Planting coral in Chaloklum bay and Haad Jaopao bay with over 4 months work with our friends and dive partner from all over Thailand.