Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any minimal requirements for diving?
A: Yes!

But it is quite accessible to any healthy person as young as 10 years old. Some conditions may apply due to medical conditions known to be incompatible with diving.

Q: I want to dive but I have a disability and can do the daily things without assistance, is it possible?
A: Yes!

Some skills are required for diving but it has been made accessible to most people and if the disability allows you to perform those skills without assistance there is no major concerns.

Q: I have a medical condition is it possible for me to dive?
A: Yes!

Depending on the condition and under the clearance of a doctor taking part in diving activities is still accessible.

Q: I am using prescription drugs, does it may cause a problem for me and should I communicate this information to the centre?
A: Yes!

You should inform the dive centre of any changes from the medical

Q: I am pregnant can I dive?

A: No!

As little is know about physiology of women and fetus during pregnancy it is not advise to go diving.

Q: I am already a certified diver with an another association, federation or dive club can I go on a dive trip?

A: Yes!

Lotus Dive Resort as well as SSI educational system recognize certification from other dive teaching communities with proof of competence. Here are some of the common one accepted at our dive centre:

SSI – Scuba Schools International
BSAC – British Sub-Aqua Club
CMAS – Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques
NAUI – National Association of Underwater Instructors
SDI – Scuba Diving International
TDI – Technical Diving International

Q: Can passengers such as friends or family members can accompany on dive trips?
A: Yes!

Additional people such as snorkelers or non-divers can join on our boat trips for some fees to cover for lunch or additional equipment.

Q: I have my own equipment and gear do I get some specials or discount?
A: Yes!

Some specials and discount can be applied for customers having their own set of dive equipment. Please contact one of our representative by visiting our contact page.

Q: I am already a PADI or SSI diver but i don’t have my certification and logbook with me can I dive?
A: Yes!

By providing basic information as your name and your date of birth, PADI certification can be verified online in real time on PADI systems by one of our professional. The exception are for temporary issued cards for which PADI has not processed the information on the PIC.