Facilities at our main office in Chaloklum


Lotus Diving facilities are not the small bamboo shack you see sometimes on beaches, it is a fully equipped dive centre with many air conditioned classrooms, lounge area and dedicated swimming pool.

Swimming pool

Lotus Diving Pool

The swimming pool was constructed with divers in mind and is only reserved for teaching purpose. The pool is divided into a shallow and a deep area and also has windows to give the possibility to make underwater like photo of the loved ones taking courses on their skills development that takes place during their confined water sessions.


The spacious classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with everything needed such as televsions for the media parts of courses, whiteboards, big tables and are away from the main road to help you study in a distraction free environment.

Café Chou Chou


The newest addition to the centre is a café named Café Chou Chou at one of the entrances where you can get a good coffee or order some delicious western or thai traditionnal food. The café is spacious and stylish, almost completely made out of wood that gives it a natural and serene feel. It also has a free Wifi on a very fast internet connection and numerous power outlets to accommodate the customers with smart devices or computers. For more information about the café or to see the menu you can visit the dedicated page at this address: http://www.cafechouchou.com



A big parking lot makes it easy to accommodate for many visitors with cars, motorcycles, buses or scooters.



The location in Chaloklum makes the commute between the dive centre and the Lotus Diving boat, very fast.