The wreck of the HTMS Sattakut

This war cargo ship has been sank in 2011 off the coast of Koh Tao for diving purpose. As it is still a young wreck, there is still not much corals, anemones or fans attached to the structure but the marine life is slowly taking over starting with fishes.

A famous photo of the site is sitting at the cannon on the bow, the front of the boat..

A tour can be done around the top of the boat without special certification and wreck penetration is only allowed for those with proper certifications, qualifications and equipment.

Being an artificial reef sunked on purpose it is a very good place to train wreck diving with little potential hazard and good water conditions.

Beware! Stay clear and do not enter the wreck if you are not certified nor qualified for wreck diving.

Common species: Malabar Grouper, White-eyed Moray, Blacktip Grouper, Lined Grouper

Depth: 16 – 32 meters

Features: Cannon on front deck

Current: None to Moderate