SSI Night Diving & Limited Visibility

Experience a new kind of diving

Diving by night or sunset can bring a new facet to any dive site even the ones already dived on daytime as it attracts and activate a different marine life. This is why divers choose to extend their dive time by adding diving by night to their experiences.

Just add a torch to the regular dive gear, a few more skills, a way to communicate, some knowledge and you are good to go.

  • Learn to use, maintain, a torch or dive light.
  • Communicate effectively at night.
  • Master skills that will help you react to problems that can arise diving nighttime.



  • SSI Night Diving & Limited Visibility digital manual for duration of the course

What’s included:

  • Transit service from and to you resort or hotel on request*
  • Instructor
  • Equipment
  • Full tanks
  • Underwater torch/light
  • SSI Night Diving & Limited Visibility online certification card

What’s next:

6,500 Baht Book now