Basic Diver/Try scuba diving

Want to see and experience what is it all about?

Already a snorkeler or avid swimmer interested in scuba diving or you would just like to experience what is the feeling of breathing underwater. This program was created to be accessible and safe, while permitting a true experience of scuba diving. With the general public in mind it allows instructors to take you on a full fledged dive on some of the most sought after dive sites around.

Learn to dive and become Scuba Diver

Basic Diver / Try Scuba Diving comes in different setup ranging from a pool only session to a full day of diving. It can be done in one or two days. For one day program, skills and briefing will be done directly on the boat and at the dive site.We recommend to practice skills in the pool prior the open water dives.

What you learn:

  • Basic knowledge about scuba diving equipment, diving techniques and relation with water.


  • 10 years old

What else is included:

  • Transit service from and to you resort or hotel on request*
  • Instructor
  • Equipment rental
  • Full tanks rental

1 dive on trips
3,100Baht Book now

2 dives on trips
3,900Baht Book now

Swimming pool and 1 dive on trips
3,600Baht Book now

Swimming pool  and 2 dives on trips
4,400 Baht Book now

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