PADI Endorsement

One of the most recognised and widespread organisation for diving instruction

The Professional Association of Dive Instructors is the world wide leader in dive instruction and education with more than 21 millions certified members in 180 countries and territories. They also have partnership with over 6000 dive shops, dive centers and dive resorts around the world.

PADI learning material, medias and presentations makes scuba diving experiences easily accessible to number of people.

The academic material from PADI has been translated and made available in more than 26 languages.

PADI stricts standards has introduce a very safe but fun and easy way to dive

As scuba diving being more than theory, PADI standards has been written with safety in mind and they assure that certified divers will have all the tools and knowledge to be safe and prepared divers. This is why through the learning process they experience and demonstrate in real open water environments.

Lotus Diving and PADI

By applying these standards for our centre and staff we have been recognised in 2014 as a 5 Stars PADI Instructor Development Dive Resort and we now offer Instructor Development Course IDC.